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is talking about it again, but it's a tragedy. >>> a quake scare for japan but nothing like what the country saw last year. magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit late last night off the coast of northern japan. this is what it looked like just moments after it struck. buildings as far away as tokyo. no damage. a tsunami warning was issued but lifted in two hours. >>> it's been more than seven decades and the numbers are dwindling. the remaining survivors of the pearl harbor attack are honoring their fallen comrades on the commemoration on the day that will live in in infamy. this is the only night of the year the beacon will shine. pearl harbor survivors shared their first person accounts from the attack before the lighting ceremony. >> when that beam stands out, it's a beam of remembrance across all the valley below. how many families are down there who lost family members there, grandfathers, fathers, whatever, to them, to them. it has become a ritual that they look forward to every december 7th. >> the pearl harbor survivors association has been doing this every year since 1964. >>> a chilly decem
cardiac arrests in japan and found that 46% of the hands- only group were alive one month later compared to 40% with hands-on traditional cpr and they had good brain function, compared to three% with the traditional cpr. it keeps blood flowing to the heart and brain. many are afraid to check in -- jump in and they will be less likely to be hands off. >> and the morn heart soccer is talking about hands-only cpr and there should be no hesitation for someone to jump in. >> and hands-only cpr is easy to do and if you forget the rhythm, just sing. >> staying alive. >> reporter: dr. kim for cbs 5. >> hmm. >> and that beat, the staying alive beat is the equivalent of 100 beats per minute and makes it ideal for hands-only cpr and can you use queen's another one bites the dust. that has 100 beats per minute. >> and still time. >> not to have meaning anymore. >> i like the staying alive. >> me, too. >>> and if you need to get out and get your male out early for the holiday season, you're going to be in luck. the u.s. postal service is holding a male collection for customers who want to ship the ca
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2